It is always such a pleasure to attend your studio. Recently, the major anchors of my life have been shifting; it seems like too many sad changes at once: illness, deaths, and departures. Although it has always been easy to see the beauty in little things every single day no matter where I am, there is now so much room for sadness and fear and melancholy. Thank-you Joanne for everything you have taught me. I find I am now more able to find the patience and calm to see things for what they are and to quietly ride out the storms.

You speak with such lightness and calm that it doesn't feel like I am being "taught at". You don't judge and you don't preach. Your "lessons" come out when I most need them.


Practicing yoga with Joanne Nowa is a calming and enlightening experience. Her gentle manner, calm voice, and knowledgeable instruction help her to emphasize working to strengthen "body, mind, and spirit" in each yoga practice. I look forward to shutting off the world and tuning into myself, with Joanne's guidance, every yoga session. It has become clear to me that I never truly knew what yoga was until I met her.


I had undergone a personal crisis that left me emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted before being referred to Joanne for yoga. Although I remained hesitant and reluctant I soon realized after meeting Joanne that I was in the right place. My decision to pursue this path was easy once I saw how encouraging, compassionate and caring Joanne is. Thoughtful, caring, a good listener and most importantly, non judgemental is exactly what I needed at that time peacefulness absent she called with great concern to see if I was alright. She welcomed me and always seemed pleased to see me yet remained non intrusive. She gave me the time to reflect and the space to rejuvenate. Her personal attention, yoga instruction, ambiance, tranquility and general peacefulness was incredible. This lent itself to an atmosphere of healing. I gradually regained much of what I had lost and began to see light at the end of the tunnel. Those 2 years of learning and practicing yoga with Joanne helped change the direction of my life's journey. I arrived fragmented and left much more whole. As I grew stronger physically and healthier, I began to heal emotionally and spiritually. I regained my ability and motivation to learn, change, and grow during the time I spent with Joanne. Her understanding and sensitivity helped me to renew my faith in humanity and myself. There are no words to express my appreciation and gratitude during the most challenging time of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Joanne.


"When one is free from all external distractions the gates of inner peace are opened."
Joanne Nowa

Joanne Nowa, the Director and founder of Yoga Gym opened her first Wellness Center in Florida at the Williams Island Spa in 2001. Joanne is known for her practical wisdom and depth of knowledge, her inspiring way of teaching and her ability to integrate both the physical and spiritual aspects of a yoga practice.

Her teachings support her students in their own personal transformation providing them with caring and practical guidance towards living a better quality of life.

In 1968 at 13 years old, Joanne was drawn by her innate desire for knowledge and truth, which led her to enroll in her first yoga class at the Sivanada Yoga Camp in the Laurentians where her love and passion for Yoga and Meditation began.

Her passion led her to live in India for 13 years for an in-depth study in Yoga, Meditation and Eastern Philosophy where she went on to earn a BA in Comparative Philosophy from the University of Miami.

For the last 25 years, Joanne has studied and participated in trainings and workshops with some of the most renowned teachers in the world who have profoundly inspired her own practice and teaching style. These teachers include Sarah Powers, Jon Kabat- Zinn, Rod Stryker, Joseph Lepage, Shiva Rea,T.K.V Desikachar, Gary Kraftsow, Erich Schiffmann, Shiva Rea, Cyndi Lee, Rodney Yee, John Friend, and Seane Corn.

Joanne offers private Yoga and Meditation Therapy sessions, Private Yoga and Meditation Instruction for Beginners and Yoga for Back Care Workshops. Joanne also offers Yoga Basics for beginners and Yin /Yang classes at her studio.

With years of personal practice in mindfulness meditation and yoga, Joanne is committed towards personal growth and the movement towards peace and higher awareness, and continuing to inspire others to learn and grow.

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