What is a Mindfulness Based Weight Loss Program

This unique approach offers an evidence-based approach to help you lose weight.

It includes mindfulness meditation practice, behavioral strategies, and information on nutrition, cooking with whole foods, and increasing physical activity. You'll learn how to be in charge of your eating, instead of feeling out of control. Mindfulness provides a way to actually be present with your eating, and so helps you experience greater enjoyment and reduces the 'automatic' nature of overeating problems.

Joanne will support you in making lifestyle changes to lose weight and improve your overall health and well being.

This program will help you change your relationship to food, so it can become a true source of pleasure rather than a source of conflict or shame.

What to expect from a Mindfulness - Based Weight loss Program?

The program is 6 weeks long, with weekly sessions and practical homework. Each session consists of sitting meditation, gentle yoga and journaling. In addition to, participants also engage in mindful eating exercises and discussions about food, hunger and weight. In the program we will address specific issues - topics like foods that trigger binges, how to shop mindfully for food and how to deal with environmental pressures to overeat.

Each session there will be discussions to help guide participants on how to apply mindfulness to everyday eating decisions.

For people who have been ignoring their bodies' signals through chronic dieting or mindless overeating, mindful movement can provide a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with the body.

During the 6 weeks there will be a yoga program introduced which will include one 60-minute yoga class per week. A home practice of 30 minutes a day of yoga and meditation will be encouraged. Clients will be asked to keep daily journals, recording their emotions, thoughts and experiences with food, weight and exercise.

How can the wisdom of mindfulness help you to lose weight

Most of us eat mindlessly. We eat and aren't even aware of what we are eating. How many times have you eaten something only to find a few minutes later you don't even remember what you just ate? It barely even registers an impression! Most of us eat when we're watching TV, driving, reading, or working on the computer. You can ingest hundreds of calories and not really be present while you are doing it.

With mindfulness, you can learn to discern when you are hungry for food and when you are hungry for emotional sustenance.

Major factor in weight gain and a saboteur of weight loss. "In many cases, it's not the meals we eat that cause weight gain. It's the snacking, the mindless eating while watching television, when we're on autopilot and not really aware of what we're eating." And it's not just the environment or distractions that trigger automatic eating. Emotions play a big role. "The majority of food decisions people make have nothing to do with hunger. They have to do with stress, anxiety, sadness or frustration."

This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is the process of paying attention, both to inner cues (thoughts, emotions and sensations) and to your environment. When applied to eating, this can mean the difference between one more failed diet and lasting change you can live with. When clients address their mindless eating, they often naturally lose weight.

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  • The first initial session is 75 minutes, by appointment, and then followed with a weekly session for 6 weeks, optimonal.
  • Sessions can be done at the Studio or in the privacy of your home or your office.
  • The sessions are either One on One or Semi Private.
  • To schedule an appointment or for more info. please contact Joanne by email or call her directly 514-928-1981

I want to let you all know how GREAT it was to work with and see Joanne every week! She has helped and guided me with my weight loss.! Her support and knowledge was a tremendous help to me! Her teachings of diet and meditation techniques were and will always be with me wherever I go ! I practise them everyday ! Thank you joanne you are so precious to me I will always treasure our time together now and forever.


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