Experience how yoga therapy helps alleviate stress, anxiety, back pain and more.

It's widely known that yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well being, but when yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention in the form of yoga therapy, it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. yoga has long been practiced with therapeutic intentions as a way of transforming both the body and the mind.

Yoga as a therapy is the use of yoga and its vast toolbox to help treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions. It is holistic, considering every aspect of the mind, body and spirit and works harmoniously with both conventional and complementary and alternative medical systems.

Individual Yoga Therapy

Individual yoga therapy provides an opportunity to work one on one with Joanne and focus on your specific needs. Joanne will begin your introductory session with a confidential life/health questionnaire and an in-depth evaluation.The evaluation of each client involves consideration of 3 major areas: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual. In the course of the session you will be prescribed a practice or regime which incorporates, yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and a customized dietary and lifestyle plan with a prescription for moving forward towards greater health.

People seek a yoga therapy program for specific health goals or conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, chronic back conditions, pain management and weight issues to name a few. Having daily yoga and meditation can help improve mental calmness and clarity, body awareness, relieve chronic stress and relax your mind and body.

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Customized Private Yoga

This program caters to those who are interested in personal and individual attention as they are starting out with their yoga practice. The program offers a step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of yoga postures. Classes provide each student with the necessary foundations to develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. Emphasis will be given to lengthening the spinal column and improving one's seated posture to fully support a well functioning nervous system. When poses are performed in the right way muscle toning, increased stamina and a reduction of stiffness will be experienced.

Breathing is vital to life and to every yoga class. The role of the diaphragm differs depending on the body's posture, so correct breathing will be taught for different poses to optimize the oxygenation process. Classes will conclude with a guided relaxation and meditation to allow the mind time to quiet down leaving with an experience and feeling of well being.

This program is also suitable to be conducted in a semi-private setting. If you have any friends or family who are also new to yoga, it's a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the practice, support each other and share your experiences.

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Styles of Yoga I offer

Yin-Yang Yoga

This class provides a balanced practice of both Yin and Yang styles of yoga.

This class provides a balanced practice of both Yin and Yang styles of yoga. The Yin style of long-held passive poses opens the body to more flexibility and chi flow combined with the Yang flow which will strengthen and invigorate the body and mind. Each class will conclude with meditation and relaxation.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow Basics

In Vinyasa Flow Basics you will begin to build the foundation for your yoga practice and receive individualized attention as you gain flexibility, strength and balance. In each class you will explore specific alignment of yoga postures and a yoga practice that will include standing and seated postures, backbends and sun salutations; as well as the relationship of movement and breath. Yogic breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques will also be introduced, perfect for stress relief and overall well being.

Beginners are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

Invigorating and challenging, these classes offer a complete journey for the body and mind. Students will practice both classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, standing and seated postures,balance-poses,backbends,and inversions alongside meditation, yogic breathing and relaxation.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Combining the physical practice of Yin Yoga with a guided Meditation helps to unlock deep holding patterns in the mind and body. Through long deep stretches the therapeutic practice of Yin Yoga, will aid in preparing the physical and subtle bodies for contemplation.Guided meditation throughout the class will allow you to connect with your inner peace on and off your mat.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome.


Yoga for Back Care

Back pain is the most common medical problem affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives. Unlike traditional back exercises, which isolate the body to stretched and strengthen, yoga postures are designed to integrate and benefit the whole body. Within this 2 hour workshop each participant will learn how to rehabilitate and self heal through strengthening and stretching the core muscles. We will also practice relaxation and breathing techniques to relieve physical tension and mental stress often associated with chronic pain. Each participant will learn a series of exercises that can be performed at home for daily care and maintenance. The session will end with restorative Yoga postures to experience complete relaxation.

No prior Yoga experience is needed and all ages and fitness levels are welcome. For any serious back issues please contact Joanne prior to enrolment.

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